Giovanni Manfredini – Per aspera ad astra

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Cannaregio 3522 , Venezia, Italia
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ore 18

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Giovanni Manfredini
Gabriel Friedman
arte contemporanea, personale

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The purpose of Giovanni Manfredini in this exhibition is to: “seek the light in the depths of the darkness”. We have chosen two paintings and one sculpture of his latest work and we are delighted to expose them in a special and unique place like the church of Madonna dell’Orto. From the beginning of his career, Manfredini has been realizing his paintings with the use of fire and the ancient technique of sfumato. Fire, that has also an important space in his personal life. He uses details of skin, hairs and anatomic parts in most of the artworks, all created with his body.

Giovanni Manfredini (Italy 1963) has had solo exhibitions in Madrid, Naples, Milan, Rome, Berlin, Basel, Bern, London, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and in collective exhibitions at the 54th Venice Biennale, MoMA PS1 (New York), the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), at SMAK (Gent), Kaiserdome Frankfurt, the Kunstmuseum in Bonn (Germany), at the Fukuyama Museum of Art (Japan), the Modern Art Gallery of Bologna (Italy), the MART in Trento and Rovereto (Italy). His works are exhibited alongside those of Caravaggio in the Cerasi Chapel in Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome during the 56th Venice Biennale he will present at Giorgio Cini Foundation (Island of San Giorgio Maggiore), “Stabat Mater Dolorosa” with the soundtrack of Ennio Morricone made for the artwork.

Organized & Curated by Gabriel Friedman.

For more info, images and interview with the artist, please contact:
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