Eva – To the wonder

Palermo - 09/06/2018 : 30/07/2018

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Saturday, June 9th, 2018 at 7 pm Stefania Giacchino, director of the historic gallery in Palermo 'Spazio Contemporaneo Agorà' in collaboration with MESIME by Maria Letizia Cassata, presents to the public the exhibition of the Russian artist E V A, entitled "To the wonder". The exhibition project developed by the artist together with the curator Gianluca Marziani, artistic director of Palazzo Collicola in Spoleto, it is inserted in the context in which the City of Palermo hosts the XII edition of Manifesta

A new proposal with an international scope for the Galleria Agorà, which has been operating in the area since 1989, with high-level projects aimed at comparing large, historic and young masters.
The exhibition set up in Palermo is the first of two important exhibition stages: the works of E V A will in fact also be presented in France, at the Festival of Arts, from 17th to July 26th, in the exhibition space of the Chȃteau du Marquis de Sade in Lacoste, under the patronage of Pierre Cardin who showed interest in the artist's work.
He writes about her :" artwork is symbolic in the context of understanding and interaction of tradition and innovation in contemporary art. Being in the avant-garde, she reveals connection to the deepest roots of culture, having a new understanding of the role of tradition that is organically combined with the continuity of creative experiment and artistic quest".
E V A is a brilliant representative of the young generation of artists with great artistic potential and important perspectives. The talent of E V A manifests itself in the syncretic use of several kinds of figurative art, from painting to sculpture, from installation to video art to photography.
The artistic figure of Eva starts with her desire to understand the world, using a philosophical approach, and deepen the foundations of art. Her works reflect this vision giving life to an original world, an original, homogeneous and very personal world that expresses itself through contemporary plastic and conceptual trends. As part of a contemporary context, the artist goes in search of deep cultural connections, interpreting the role of tradition in a new way that harmoniously intertwines with the incessant recourse to experimentation and artistic research. Gianluca Marziani writes:"This project was born from three volumes published last year: one devoted to Photography, another to Video and a third to Sculpture. Three books for as many languages, which are interwoven yet remain independent; three autonomous platforms that enable the three media to interact yet maintain an appropriate distance. There emerge similarities between the frames (video), the digital modifications of the frames (photograph), and the opposing thrust towards raw material (sculpture). These links explain the telescopic nature of the image today, its capacity to have various focal points, open perimeters and infinite horizons. It was right to divide the languages then reunite them, in order to enhance the fluid orchestration of a visionary gaze".
Eva graduated from a Law department and combined artistic activity with her work as a lawyer for quite a while. She thinks that knowledge of social sciences enrich her as an artist. Eva conjugates her interest for social sciences with permanent artistic activity considering contemporary art as a conceptual practice above all else.
After Eva received her three Master’s degrees, in Law, in Art Criticism and in Contemporary Art, Eva dived into the study of spirituality issues within postmodernist philosophical schools. Her artworks are notable for the interest in eternal issues of existence seen through the lens of latest multimedia practice.
Video, sculpture and photography are the media that Eva presents in Palermo as part of her exhibition To the Wonder. Her artworks reflect means of communication between the human being and the universe as a way to cognize the contradictions of the present. For Eva, creative activity is spiritual practice, a way to realize human nature in present-day world, a world of distortions and fantasies, balances and spasmodic excesses.
"Her works are keys to the lost paradise, to the fatal fires, to the chimeras, to the Babel of desires, a place where freedom and love live. They allow thoughts to rise above everyday life. It is a roar of Beauty in search of the lost, but still possible harmony". Gianluca Marziani
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