Design Gallery Milano

Milano - 08/04/2014 : 14/04/2014

Mostra delle opere della Design Gallery Milano


Comunicato stampa

Design Gallery Milano in collaboration with Spazioborgogno and Museo Pecci Milano, show in the spaces of
the museum, iconic pieces produced during many years of activity and dealings with Italian design.
This exhibition presents work by
Andrea Branzi, Michele De Lucchi, Alessandro Mendini, Ettore Sottsass
This multiplicity of expressions, signs and images by different designers provides the ideal chronology of a long story

In a never completed puzzle, these images, styles and materials continue to generate new compositions and
developments of contemporary themes, such as craftsmanship, likewise by now technological and mechanised, as
a solution, or independent alternative, to the (banality of) maximum systems applied to merchandise; or the
production of limited and numbered series, based on the pursuit of differences and above all, on the expressive
freedom for overcoming the homogeneous industrial specific.
…. Or again, the exciting and intimate, unique piece that approaches - and may sometimes venture across - the
imaginary and entirely arbitrary border, considered by some however to be inviolable, of the art.
For a new perspective within the international design panorama, Design Gallery Milano presents “Material Medley” by
the London-based group El Ultimo Grito.
Their collection is composed of large, coloured resin tables, small chairs also in resin, and coffee tables from the
“Landscape Surfaces” family in enamelled glazed metal and anodized, engraved aluminium.
The signs and colours created by Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo of El Ultimo Grito look to Pop culture and are
translated into forms that are in no way constrained, subjugated or limited by serial and technological production.
The decorations of their tables are clearly defined, primitive and almost tribal, incorporated in materials in no way
dependent on machinery. Manually and gradually, their processing leads to organic forms, defining the object’s
aesthetic time as well as its precise structural capacity.
Besides coloured resin, the materials used for these tables are ordinary ones in everyday use: packaging
cardboard, plastics and adhesive tapes, with the latter used in a structurally decorative way.The chairs, derived from
box cardboard, are distinct monolithic volumes, manually shaped by their designers according to personally
expressive ergonomic rules. The collection is completed by a series of coffee tables named “Landscape Surfaces”,
with tops in aluminium and bent and twisted steel, asymmetrically divided and to be united again in order to form a
variety of surfaces: engraved aluminium, steel and polychrome enamels, carbon fibre…..
The “Material Medley” collection is produced by Design Gallery Milano, in an edition of 12 numbered and signed
pieces + 1 artist’s proof.
Design Gallery Milano