Death in Venice

Venezia - 04/06/2014 : 11/06/2014

Una mostra sulla morte e sull'architettura moderna.


Comunicato stampa

DEATH IN VENICE. The changing shape of death in modernity.
An exhibition about death and modern architecture

4-11 June 2014 - Ludoteca Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, Castello 450 (entrance from Calle S.Giocchino) Venice
Ludoteca is located nearby the entrance to the Giardini area at the side of Fondamenta San Giovacchino
exhibition opening: Wednesday - 4 June 2014 - 6.30pm – 11.00pm
opening hours: every day 10am – 6pm

‘Death in Venice’ is an independent event, which will be shown at the Ludoteca Santa Maria Ausiliatrice in Venice (Italy), from 4-11 June 2014 curated by Alison Killing and Ania Molenda with the collaboration of LUST. It will exhibit the evolution of the relationship between modern architecture and our understanding of and approach to death over the last century.

The development of architecture related to death and dying has been, in the past decade, as vivid and significant as the development of other modern ideas that shaped the contemporary city.

Death in Venice will combine a more focused, analytical approach documenting the cultural, technological and architectural changes; with interactive audio-visual installations looking at the pervasiveness of death in our cities, even as it is largely hidden from view.

The cultural, technological and architectural changes will be described through infographics and images, as well as archive photography, urban and architectural plans, quotes and statistics. They will show how the architecture of hospitals, hospices, crematoria and cemeteries has adapted to facilitate new ways of dealing with death.

The interactive installations will use the actual experience in the space of the exhibition to reveal the changing landscape of death in the last 100 years. They will be based on ambience, the movement of visitors and their presence in space. This part of the show is based on a unique, sensation-based experience, revealing the continuing presence of death in our cities and buildings.