De Girolamo | Hyun Cho | Moronato – Era vulgaris

Milano - 30/09/2020 : 31/10/2020

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INTRODUCTION: Suppose if I ask you "why did you hit your sister?" and I know you are an only child, what would be your reaction? This metaphor has been recently used in scientific philosophy courses to introduce the gap between the causality of language and memory versus the non-causality of quantum mechanics. The structure inherent in the artifice of the natural code is not applicable to the new constructions of physics and the order of time. The gap is substantial and extremely stimulating. A translation thus is necessary

But doesn't translating something mean to do without the original? How many essential parts can you keep?
Welcome to the Vulgaris Era.

According to the recent provisions COVID-19 is mandatory the mask and the distance of one meter, the turnout can be limited in order to enforce the measure.