Carlos Valverde – + 100.00 EUR

Torino - 12/12/2017 : 23/12/2017

Mostra personale


  • Luogo: CRIPTA747
  • Indirizzo: Via Quittengo 41/b 10154 - Torino - Piemonte
  • Quando: dal 12/12/2017 - al 23/12/2017
  • Vernissage: 12/12/2017 ore 18
  • Autori: Carlos Valverde
  • Generi: arte contemporanea, personale

Comunicato stampa

CRIPTA747 is thrilled to present

+ 100.00 EUR
a work by Carlos Valverde (Spain, 1987)

+ 100.00 EUR comes from a consideration of the artist's concept of sculpture. What is sculpture today? What is the meaning of sculpture? Trying to figure out a new way of understanding and relating to space and sculpture, Valverde extends the field of spatial and relational exploration of the artwork, opening up his project from the institutional space to a neighborhood of Turin, Barriera di Milano

+ 100.00 EUR gives the opportunity to experience the urban environment and consider its places through sculpture. The project aims to increase the diversity of audiences to interact with it by inviting people to share common spaces of their everyday life and to see them from a different perspective.
The project starts with a spoiler: "There are 100 EUR. The first one who finds them, takes them", it's up to the public to decide to whether to follow the clues left by the artist or not, in order to get the final reward.

"+ 100.00 EUR" is a work by Carlos Valverde in collaboration with LPCA - Laboratorio Permanente sulla Città e l’Abitare, an interdisciplinary group of research composed by CRIPTA747, Associazione Variante Bunker and researchers in Architecture and Urban Studies of Polytechnic University of Turin and IUAV, Venice.