Arrington De Dionyso

Bergamo - 13/02/2012 : 13/02/2012

Temporary Black Space presenta Arrington De Dionyso, un'artista/musicista improvvisatore indipendente.


  • Indirizzo: Via Simone Majr - Bergamo - Lombardia
  • Quando: dal 13/02/2012 - al 13/02/2012
  • Vernissage: 13/02/2012 ore 21 su prenotazione
  • Autori: Arrington De Dionyso
  • Generi: performance – happening

Comunicato stampa

Arrington De Dionyso (Old Time Relijun - K Records) è un'artista/musicista improvvisatore indipendente.

Arrington De Dionyso (solo)

Arrington De Dionyso (+ band)

Old Time Relijun


ARRINGTON DE DIONYSO - a short biography

of Olympia, Washington uses performance as a vehicle for driving through the nameless territories held between surrealist automatism, shamanic séance, and the folk imagery of rock and roll

Arrington performs on the bass clarinet, jaw harps, and his voice with a distinctly multi-phonic ability inspired by Tuvan throat-singing and the ecclesiastics of Albert Ayler and Don Van Vliet.
Arrington attended Evergreen State College, where he studied Ethnomusicology, Music Therapy, and Butoh dance theater. In 1995 he founded the group Old Time Relijun, which has since toured and recorded throughout the US and Europe and has released six albums on the K Records label.

In addition to Old Time Relijun, Arrington devotes a significant amount of his time to furthering the cause of free improvisation. He is the founder and curator of the Olympia Festival of Experimental Musics, in its eleventh year. Arrington has performed or/and recorded with notable improvisers throughout the West Coast, Italy, and France.
He's most recent work is called "Suara Naga" (K Scope, 2011).

Arrington has received increased attention for his visual art, which deals with many of the same themes as his music. Recent exhibits have been held in Los Angeles, New York City, Vancouver, Paris, Bologna, and Beijing.