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Venezia - 28/05/2016 : 28/07/2016

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  • Luogo: SPAZIO KANZ
  • Indirizzo: Santa Croce 1592 - Campo San Giacomo - Venezia - Veneto
  • Quando: dal 28/05/2016 - al 28/07/2016
  • Vernissage: 28/05/2016 ore 17
  • Generi: design
  • Orari: OPENING: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 10:00 Am - 6:00 Pm CLOSING DAYS: Sun

Comunicato stampa

The design represents a hudge slice of the designed world and it is capable to strongly influence the community and the ways to live.

We want to argue here and show a design “as an added value and not as an additional cost,” to quote the words of the curator Alejandro Aravena, we want to dismantle the self-congratulatory function work in favor of attention to the community (environment / usability / price / quality)

Embracing the themes proposed by the 15th Biennale of Architecture in Venice, the products presented by Kanz Architects testify the search for an authentic design, brave and even experimental.

It ‘s another glass the one presented by Kanz Architects, a border glass, against the trend of the city of Venice where it is produced, not meant to be “artistic” but to be “desirable” by virtue of its objective value of high technical and aesthetic quality combined with fair market value. A result that can be reached by stripping the production process from the grandstanding of the subjects in favor of the success of the project.