Alfred Boman / Hannes Michanek – 100% Fuel

Napoli - 01/07/2011 : 16/09/2011

In mostra due giovani artisti svedesi.


Comunicato stampa

100% FUEL presents two artists Alfred Boman and Hannes Michanek, whose
works are filled with the same momentum conveyed in the title. In both their
practice, the paint is the initiating medium, yet the results extend beyond the
painting. Speed is a differentiating factor in their methods, Boman’s fast and
energetic production in comparison to Michanek’s perseverance; both filled
with adrenalin. Despite the obvious differences in the two works, one important
aspect linking their practice is the extent of their production and consumption

Saturation is a key principle, whether it is saturating the canvas or the occupied
environment of the installation. There is tension evoked in their production, a
fascination with the man made and the unnatural versus the predisposed idea
of the handmade. The works are accompanied by a text from the Swedish writer
Jonatan Ahlm Brenander, setting the context behind the show.