5VIE Design Week 2023

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via Santa Marta 20123 , Milano, Italia
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from 10:30 to 19:30 - from 17 to 13 april


ore 18,30


Il distretto che dialoga con le arti visive e l’artigianato.

Comunicato stampa

ndete e Mangiate
a collective exhibition curated by Sara Bologna
The tenth edition of 5VIE Design week will soon be here!!! We are delighted to present a 5VIE production: "Prendete e mangiate", a group exhibition curated by Sara Bologna dedicated to the table. Visit at 5VIE headquarters - SIAM, Via Santa Marta 18 from 17 to 23 April.

A long table exhibiting works by 30 international designers and artists will be the setting for performative interventions, workshops and talks over the course of the week, relating design in a shared symposium in progress with the performing arts, poetry, cuisine.

Check out the calendar of the performances:

Per/formare: bread workshop with talks - Thursday 20 April, h. 16.30
Per/formare: bread workshop with talks - Friday 21 April, h. 16.30
Con/Vivio: collective performance - Saturday 22 April, h. 16.30