55. Biennale – Padiglione indonesiano

Venezia - 29/05/2013 : 24/11/2013

Sakty è il programma che rappresenta la Repubblica dell'Indonesia alla Biennale di Venezia.


Comunicato stampa

While in the previous years Indonesian artists have individually showcased their work at the Biennale, this will be the first time Indonesia will have its own pavilion. The five artists chosen to represent Indonesia are Albert Yonathan Setiawan, Sri Astari, Eko Nugroho, Entang Wiharso, and Titarubi. Each artist will characterize the exhibition with his own peculiarity. Astari is interested in re-reading the Javanese tradition with its symbolism and specific values, and reconciling them with the spirit of today. Albert Yonathan is a ceramist who explores the relationship and spiritual dimension of humans with Nature

Eko Nugroho's work is grounded in local traditions mixed with popular global culture. Entang Wiharso has a style that reminds of the past and the future, weaving personal stories and experiences into the greater narrative on the humankind. Titarubi spreads her skills on sculptures and installation art using various materials.