55. Biennale – Nothing Between Us

Venezia - 30/05/2013 : 24/11/2013

Nothing Between Us è il progetto che rappresenta la Serbia alla Biennale di Venezia.


Comunicato stampa

In his essay "Unpacking My Library" Walter Benjamin writes about the life of a collector as consisting of "a dialectical tension between the poles of disorder and order". Serbian Pavilion's project titled Nothing between Us features works by two artists/researchers/collectors, whose obsessions (Vladimir Perić's with childhood memorabilia and Miloš Tomić's with contingent sounds and sound production devices) have driven their practices towards acquiring specific forms of presenting their collections.The installations by Vladimir Perić, are made to incorporate items from the collections of his Museum of Childhood, extremely precise arrangement that create a seductively melancholic atmosphere

The works of Miloš Tomić video diaries of his research delve into deskilled music practices and social relations built around them. He celebrates this anarchic and ecstatic format and celebrates their ludic potential. By demonstrating two polemic types of collecting they exteriorize the dialectical tension Benjamin wrote about, from individual projects to the relation between the projects in the space of the Pavilion.