Volcano Extravaganza 2013

Stromboli - 29/07/2013 : 24/08/2013

Nuova edizione di Volcano Extravaganza 2013.


Comunicato stampa

Evil Under the Sun

ANTONIA BAEHR, Ridere, A Selection of Laugh Scores

NICHOLAS BUSSMANN, Etüde in bürgerlichen Gefühlen and
I like Marina Abramovic & Marina Abramovic likes me.
A solo for two performers, three chosen ones and jealous audience

Monday July 29th, around sunset
House of Extravaganza
via Francesco Natoli 41, Stromboli

Volcano Extravaganza 2013, a summer season of art and design on the island of Stromboli, will inaugurate on July 29th, at sunset

Conceived by the Fiorucci Art Trust and curated by artist Lucy McKenzie with Milovan Farronato, this year’s edition will comprise an eclectic array of talks, film screenings, exhibitions, fashion, dance, music and performance art at the House of Extravaganza and other locations on the secluded volcanic island.

For Volcano Extravaganza 2013 Antonia Baehr will perform: Ridere, A Selection of Laugh Scores, and present her book and her LP, both named: RIRE / LAUGH / LACHEN.
"I like to laugh. I laugh often. I am often seen laughing".
Laugh is a piece about laughing as laughing. For the length of the piece Antonia Baehr explores this expression as a sovereign entity, in separation from causal baggage; jokes, tickles, narrative, humor, joy, looking at the thing itself: the sound and shape, the music, choreography and drama, the rhythm and the gesture of laughter. Comedy is not her goal, but contamination is an unavoidable by-product that sometimes contagiously trades sides of the ‘fourth wall’.

Nicholas Bussmann will present the Italian video première of his new film Etüde in bürgerlichen Gefühlen and the performance I like Marina Abramovic & Marina Abramovic likes me.
"With terms like: dolce, blue, lacrimoso, mit zärtlicher Hingabe... European composers since the 18th century enriched their notations to give the performer an idea of the attitude the music should be played with. These vocabulary of emotion evoking words in various European language form a new body in society, best described in German: Bildungsbürger. The Video, in a Sonata form, is a very personal collection and reflection on a tradition of emotion."
I like Marina Abramovic & Marina Abramovic likes me is “a solo for 2 performers, 3 chosen ones and jealous audience”. The performance will feature the participation of Antonia Baehr, Lucy McKenzie & Lucile Desamory.

- - -

Antonia Baehr is a choreographer and filmmaker. What characterizes her is a non-disciplinary work and a method of collaboration with different people, using a game-structure with switching roles: each person is alternately director / author / host and performer / guest for the other one. She graduated in Film and Media Arts at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin with Valie Export (1996) and completed her Master at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Since 2000 she is based in Berlin. In 2013, the Beursschouwburg in Brussels curated a three-month program that included performances, films and an exhibition: "make up - at Antonia Baehr and Werner Hirsch's table". This focus program featured works by artists who have been collaborating with Hirsch and Baehr in various and switching roles for many years, as well as a wide selection of works by Baehr and Hirsch themselves.
She recently premiered "Abecedarium Bestiarium" at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts.
She is the producer of the horse whisperer and dancer Werner Hirsch, the musician and choreographer Henri Fleur, and the composer Henry Wilt. www.make-up-productions.net

Nicholas Bussmann is a composer, performer and sound artist. He mixes traditional composition with club music production techniques and conceptual art. He performs under various monikers and band names. The broad facettes of his work are shown in pieces such as the Video Etüde in bürgerlichen Gefühlen 2009, the opera Barnes Dance for 7 singers, 4 drummers, 2010; as well as the 2012 House Music album Nicholas Desamory – like you. Long-term collaborations exist with Martin Brandlmayr (Kapital Band 1), Chico Mello (Telebossa), Lindy Annis and Lucile Desamory. Bussman regularly curates the Grand Prix d’Amour in Berlin and occasionally for other venues: Maerzmusik/Berlin, Haus der Kulturen der Welt/Berlin, Transmediale/Berlin. He has toured in Europe, Japan North and Middle America and published numerous Vinyls & CDs.