Tobias Rehberger – 24 Stops

Riehen - 12/06/2016 : 12/06/2016

Presentazione del progetto di Tobias Rehberger "24 Stops".


Comunicato stampa

The Rehberger-Weg, which is around five kilometers long, links two countries, two municipalities, two cultural institutions – and countless stories. The path runs between Weil am Rhein and Riehen, between the Fondation Beyeler and the Vitra Campus. Guided by «24 Stops», 24 waymarkers created by the artist Tobias Rehberger, walkers can explore a uniquely diverse natural and cultural landscape. The Rehberger-Weg and its waymarkers therefore provide an opportunity to get to know both the history and stories of the surroundings and its inhabitants and to tell them again, as well as encouraging an excursion into nature

The idea of a cross-border path was initiated within the framework of IBA Basel 2020.

The Fondation Beyeler, the municipality of Riehen, Vitra, and the town of Weil am Rhein are jointly responsible for the idea’s development and implementation. The Swiss watch company Swatch is generously supporting the project as the Presenting Partner and is funding the artist’s creation of the objects that demarcate the path. The first 12 waymarkers were installed in September 2015. From June 2016 on, «24 Stops» will be completed with all 24 waymarkers in place.