The Writings of Today are a Promise for Tomorrow

Venezia - 07/05/2015 : 28/06/2015

ASIA NOW alla 56. Biennale di Venezia


Comunicato stampa

On the occasion of the 56th Venice Biennale ASIA NOW presents
The Writings of Today are a Promise for Tomorrow
Zheng Guogu and Yangjiang Group
Together with two Michelin-starred Duddell’s exclusively from Hong Kong
Opening May 7, 2015, Palazzo Morosini, Campo Santo Stefano
Curated by Dr. Martina Köppel-Yang
ASIA NOW, dslcollection and The Art of this Century are proud to propose a selection of the best
of Chinese Contemporary Art culture presenting both cutting edge art and a unique sensory
experience at Palazzo Morosini on the occasion of the 56th Venice Biennale

• An exhibition of Zheng Guogu and Yangjiang Group, curated by Dr. Martina Köppel-Yang,
composed of in situ installations co-commissioned by ASIA NOW and dslcollection, with
the kind support of Vitamin Creative Space, running from May 7 to June 28, 2015 and
After Dim Sum Calligraphy event, happening during the preview on May 7, 2015.
• Cire Trudon is providing one ton of wax as a key component to Zheng Guogu and
Yangjiang Group's « Frozen Entities » in situ artwork.
• The most exciting culinary experience during the 56th Venice Biennale is two Michelinstarred
Duddell's Pop Up, with its world acclaimed chefs and memorable flavours being
flown in from Hong Kong for its first venture abroad.
After Dinner Shu Fa, 2012, Zheng Guogu & Yangjiang Group
• Also featuring Hubert Le Gall’s full collection of sculptures for Ruinart, inspired by the
chardonnay grape and created with Murano’s glassmakers at the acclaimed Berengo
Studio. The 12 sculptures correspond to each month of the year, ranging from
translucent white to verdant green and wintery black, a testament to the passage of time
and man's craft in the vineyard.
• The exhibition is a first at Palazzo Morosini, the private residence of a noble Venetian
family that gave many Doges to the city, and now the property of Generali Italia, ASIA
NOW’s leading partner in Venice.
“ASIA NOW is thrilled to welcome Duddell’s ‘Pop-Up’ for the opening of the Venice Biennale in a
superb Palazzo, owned by Generali Italia, our leading partner. It could not be more consistent with
ASIA NOW’s mission, as a curatorial platform promoting the Asian contemporary scene and artistic
conversations between East and West, presenting cutting edge projects with the help of renowned
curators, galleries, critiques and collectors. Duddell’s is about enabling dialogues and experiences
to happen in an unexpected and cool atmosphere.” says Alexandra Fain, co-founder of ASIA NOW.
The Writings of Today are a Promise for Tomorrow
Zheng Guogu and Yangjiang Group
Curated by Dr. Martina Köppel-Yang
Zheng Guogu is one of the trendsetters of contemporary Chinese art and an internationally
acclaimed artist. Even though a central figure of the Chinese art scene, he lives in his hometown,
the remote city of Yangjiang in Guangzhou Province. There he collaborates with local artists. One
such collaboration is known as the Yangjiang Group. Zheng Guogu and Yangjiang Group (Zheng
Guogu, Sun Qingling and Chen Zaiyan) made their international fame with their original
installations, performances and events that are as much inspired by traditional Chinese culture
and local folk traditions as by contemporary social practices and trends, by mass media and
video games. One focus of their work is the practice of calligraphy. Zheng Guogu and Yangjiang
Group last participated at the Venice Biennale in 2013 with their large-scale installations and
performances at Documenta XII 2007, Lyon Biennial 2009 and Auckland Triennial 2013.
At Palazzo Morosini Zheng Guogu and Yangjiang Group will show three different bodies of
works :