The Seller The Publisher and The Artist – David Horvitz

Venezia - 31/05/2013 : 31/05/2013

The Seller, the Publisher and the Artist. Tre conferenze durante il Book Affair.


Comunicato stampa

1) Giorgio Maffei, Wednesday, 29th of May 2013, 18.00

2) Dexter Sinister, Thursday, 30th of May 2013, 18.30

3) David Horvitz, Friday, 31st of May 18.30

Biblioteca di Castello San Lorenzo

Castello 5065, Venice, Italy

Automatic Books is happy to announce a series of three conferences organized in the occasion The Book Affair art publishing fair, held in Venice during the opening days of the 55th Art Biennale

During the three days of the event Giorgio Maffei, Italian curator and collector, Dexter Sinister, a NY based collective and publisher, and David Horvitz, a Brooklyn-based artist, will present their work and projects related to art pu! blishing.

The mission of The Book Affair is to act as a platform for engagement with and critical exploration of the artist’s book. Situated at an intersection of disciplines — namely the visual arts, literary arts and/or critical design — this media presents a unique space of inquiry that is often complemented by interdisciplinary practice, collaboration or coproduction. With this in mind, the conferences will explore art publishing by observing three different approaches towards production and distribution of artist’s books.

On the first evening of the event, Giorgio Maffei will deliver a conference about his work as well as offer a guided tour of an exhibition he has curated for The Book Affair.

On the second night, 30th of May 2013, Dexter Sinister (Stuart Bailey and David Reinfurt), the founders and publishers of The Bulletins of the Serving Library as well as Dot Dot Dot magazines, will speak about their overlapping roles as publishers and authors.

The third evening, 31st of May 2013, a young Brooklyn-based artist David Horvitz will speak about his practice, often concerning books and multiples.

The three conferences are the second cycle of a series of public lectures entitled “The Seller, the Publisher and the Artist”, initiated in Venice last October. The Book Affair is organized by Automatic Books with the support of A Plus A, Centro Espositivo Sloveno, and hosted by the Municipality of Venice, Murano and Burano at the public library of San Lorenzo, Castello in Venice.