Tara el Sakhi / Loulou Siem – Sinkingscapes

Venezia - 21/05/2021 : 30/06/2021

Mostra doppia personale dell'artista del Libano Tara el Sakhi e della Gran Bretagna Loulou Siem.


Comunicato stampa

We are pleased to invite you at the opening of Sinkingscapes, an exhibition bringing together the works of Lebanese artist Tara el Sakhi and British artist Loulou Siem.

Both explore in their own different and intimate ways the diverse dimensions and perceptions of scenery, between reality and imagination, between altered substantiality and complete intangibility… Somehow, we might think that what one sees is, often, never enough

In this vein, this show aims to highlight the multiple facets of discernment and appreciation of what we consider accurate, whether it's through the expression of a distorted reality or via the invention of a faultless fantasy...

Exhibition curated by Yasmine Helou in collaboration with Venice Art Projects