Momentum 7 in Venice

Venezia - 29/05/2013 : 29/05/2013



  • Indirizzo: Rialto, San Polo 130 - Venezia - Veneto
  • Quando: dal 29/05/2013 - al 29/05/2013
  • Vernissage: 29/05/2013 ore 18-20
  • Generi: serata – evento
  • Sito web:

Comunicato stampa

MOMENTUM 7 hosts a party together with "SITE" during the preview days of the Venice Biennial. The event marks the launch of MOMENTUM 7 catalogue.Since its inception in 1998, MOMENTUM, the Nordic Biennial for Contemporary Art, has presented the most compelling works of art and the most interesting artistic ventures in the Norwegian and Nordic context. The Biennial has since then established as the perhaps most important assembly of contemporary art in the Nordic region. Next edition will take place from June 22 to September 29 at Momentum Kunsthall in Møllebyen in Moss, Norway

Curators: Power Ekroth (SE / NO), and Erlend Hammer (NO).Erlend Hammer and Power Ekroth curate two separate parts for MOMENTUM 7, each with an own exhibition title and group of artists. Both work closely with artists they invite to MOMENTUM 7, and are concerned with the collaboration process between artist and curator. By sharing the biennale between them, they constantly put their separate signature on their part of the exhibition, and will to a greater extent be individually responsible for the end result. This method of collaboration is a continuation of how Ekroth and Hammer previously worked with texts, often under the common name PowerHammer. The first of these texts addressed the issue of biennials and was publish in B-Post Journal in 2008. As in these texts the curators use MOMENTUM 7 to engage in a dialogue about art, mediation and about curating contemporary art today. For both Ekroth and Hammer the so called "large format exhibitions" has been a main interest.