Lucio Fontana – Rediscovery of a masterpiece

Parigi - 25/04/2014 : 25/05/2014

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The biggest is a major retrospective featuring over 200 works of art at the Musée d’art Moderne of which Tornabuoni art is a major lender. The second is at Tournabuoni Art gallery itself which opens on April 26th.

The exhibition at Tornabuoni Art is centred around a canvas titled Le Jour which has a very interesting history as it disappeared for over 30 years. In the early 2000s the founder of Tornabuoni Art Paris was invited by a collector to see a work by Fontana. It was one that had not been previously recorded

After, followed a long investigation into its authenticity, a key to discovering its provenance was discovered, a film that showed the creation of the painting. The footage captures a performance at the home of artist Jef Verheyen in Knokke, Belgium. On Verheyen’s request, Fontana punctured the canvas making it his own. The film can be seen at the retrospective of Fontana’s work at the Muséé d’Art Moderne.