Lalu Delbracio – Far and Further

Palermo - 04/08/2018 : 04/08/2018



Comunicato stampa

Matèria is pleased to collaborate again with a r c h i p e l a g o for a new performance by Lalu Delbracio.

In her new project, Lalu explores how far we must travel in the quest to break out of narratives that might limit or oppress us whether they are imposed, inherited or self-constructed.

Walking on a line of paper, as a road that twists and turns or a story that lays beneath her feet, Delbracio peels and pokes holes selecting which pieces to keep and which to discard

The installation alters and adapts throughout its duration allowing for new colors and shapes to emerge over and over until it’s inevitable disappearance.


Lalu Delbracio explores the physical, emotional and instinctual as valid routes to towards the creation of space for personal freedom. It results in image mash-ups and site-specific paper installations that she physically tears apart in live actions often transforming into single edition books.

Her current work looks at notions of fluidity and formlessness. Drawing on her interest in paper as the surface on which we distribute images and ideas, she explores simple bodily gestures to dig, poke and erode it, rejecting the surface as defined and consolidated, while re-claiming the body as a space for self-definition.