Frontier. The Line of Style

Bologna - 13/02/2014 : 13/02/2014

Presentazione del libro Frontier. The Line of Style, a cura di Claudio Musso e Fabiola Naldi, edito da Damiani. Per suggellare un progetto su Writing e Street Art e per aprire ancora una volta il dibattito su un tema attuale e spesso controverso.


Comunicato stampa

Thursday, February 13 at 6.00 p.m. at the Conference Hall at Mambo, Museum of Modern Art of Bologna, will be presented 'Frontier - The Line of Style', the book edited by Claudio Musso and Fabiola Naldi and published by Damiani. The book includes also texts by Stewart Home and Jane Rendell.

'Frontier - The Line of Style' will be introduced by: Claudio Musso, Fabiola Naldi, Alberto Ronchi, Massimo Mezzetti and Gianfranco Maraniello

The project FRONTIER has been structured as an open and evolving platform based on two complementary phases: the first phase is focused on the demonstration of the artistic value of Street Art and Writing, displayed by the creation of 13 monumental walls (Andreco, Cuoghi Corsello, Daim, Dado, Does, Eron, Etnik, Hitnes, Honet, Joys, M-city, Phase2, Rusty); the second one is an international symposium for a theoretical and critical examination of the two disciplines.

'Frontier - The Line of Style' is available on Damiani online store