Diogo Evangelista and Viktorija Rybakova / Residency Programme

Torino - 31/10/2017 : 05/11/2017

Evento finale del programma di residenza 2017 di Cripta747.


  • Luogo: CRIPTA747
  • Indirizzo: Via Quittengo 41/b 10154 - Torino - Piemonte
  • Quando: dal 31/10/2017 - al 05/11/2017
  • Vernissage: 31/10/2017 ore 18.30
  • Autori: Diogo Evangelista, Viktorija Rybakova
  • Generi: presentazione, serata – evento
  • Orari: 2-3 November_ 11.00 - 19.00 4 November_ 11:00 - 24:00 5 November _ 15.00 - 19.00

Comunicato stampa

Cripta747 is pleased to present the works developed by Diogo Evangelista (1984, Portugal) and Viktorija Rybakova (1989, Lithuania) during their stay in residence over the past two months.

Diogo Evangelista's work revolves around themes of desire and transformation, exploring the animist potential that the human imagination has to appropriate concepts, images, and environments. Through the research developed at Cripta747, the artist explores his interest in the observation of the unspectacular. He has realised a series of objects with geometrical bodies, made of pure asphalt, make ecological issues, Eastern philosophy, archeology, and science fiction come to mind

The weight of these black stones is evident as soon as you enter the space. In the exhibition, the sculptures are set up on the formworks into an alike arrangement, reminiscent of an ethnographic archive where finds made in an era when society was deeply dependent on fossil fuels are kept. Despite the use of simple materials, the composition is complex: groups of stones contribute to form a whole, without losing their plastic independence. The artist is interested in how people move in relation to the space, as if they were walking on a sort of lunar surface.

Viktorija Rybakova focussed on the theme of desire: the desire to touch and to be closer to the subjects of our fantasies. Sexuality is a call for a complex inner life, a need for connection beyond one's own body. Once our hearts start beating around the 22nd day of our existence, they give the first visible sign of life and therefore a deep inner complexity that is hard to define with words. No other emotion gives a more heightened feeling than a sense of sexual energy that links us up to everything that is. As humans we tend to name the things we want to own. Therefore we create the whole world of meanings and language to come closer to the horizon of our fantasy, the subject or affect we desire for. The basis of capital markets and established material values largely depend on the economy of desire. Once we own the desired object, the desire itself is no longer there. Desire wants nothing to do with hierarchies of consumption and dependence. In her creative life the artist wants to stay with unknowable potential and, in the meantime, she wants to get closer to her emotional body and play with it through language. She believes poetry can open another dimension in our sensing bodies

CRIPTA747 Residency Programme is made possible thanks to the support of Compagnia di San Paolo, in partnership with Goethe Institut Turin and under the patronage of Accademia Albertina di Belle