Dialogue #1

Palermo - 18/06/2018 : 19/07/2018

In occasione di Manifesta 12 Palermo, la galleria Materia di Roma si sposta nel capoluogo siciliano per presentare una mostra di alcuni suoi artisti.


Comunicato stampa

From June 18 at 7pm until July 19 2018, Matèria - contemporary art gallery based in Rome and founded by Niccolò Fano in 2015 - relocates to Palermo within the spaces of Frontiera Studio. On the occasion of the nomad Manifesta 12, Matèria presents Dialogue #1, an exhibition showcasing a selection of works by its roster of represented artists: Fabio Barile, Giulia Marchi, Mario Cresci, Xiaoyi Chen, Giuseppe De Mattia, Marta Mancini and Stefano Canto

Featured in Frontiera Studio’s 110 square meter space are the diverse approaches tied to contemporary artistic research found within the practice of the exhibited artists, whose work is tied by a district propensity for experimentation within their chosen field.

Dialogue #1 is part of OUTER CIRCLE, a special project that sees the gallery partnering with D.O.O.R., Gibellina PhotoRoad, Cesura, a r c h i p e l a g o and Studio Frontiera for a programme of exhibitions, talks and workshops spanning from June until October.