Delfina Delettrez / Luisa Zanibelli

Roma - 29/11/2012 : 23/12/2012

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On Thursday 29 November Galleria O. will inaugurate the double solo exhibitions “LUISA ZANIBELLI Furniture and Lights DELFINA DELETTREZ Jewelry”.

On this occasion Luisa Zanibelli presents first collection of furniture and lighting. Drawing on various aspects of Italian decoration of the 70s Zanibelli has produced essential and highly refined furnishing works in brass, steel, glass and lacquer.
The aesthetic of the works goes hand in hand with the search for a never obvious functionality: the lamp is as well a compartment, the chair becomes a bench and the mirror-wall is also a vase

All combine to create a refined atmosphere in the balance between the quotation and the contemporary.
In the same context also a rare chandelier designed by Carlo Scarpa for Venini during his artistic directorship in the Italian factory (1932-1947) will be displayed.

Delfina Delettrez presents a selected number of iconic jewelry pieces belonging to different collections she created between 2010 and 2012 (“WE-MEN”, “Roll-in-Stones”, “Metalphysic”, “Infinity”). According to Delfina Delettrez’s innate need and ability to present her works while contextualizing them within the given space and context, and upon suggestion of curator Emanuela Nobile Mino, the display of the jewels has been conceived in straight relation with some of gallery’s exceptional vintage pieces. The jewels, in fact, are mostly displayed on fine FontanaArte chrystal objects (1940-50s) positioned on a rare walnut wood round table, one of the three existing and expressly conceived by Italian architect Marcello Piacentini in the late 1920s for an important roman commissioned building. The straight selection of Delfina Delettrez’ pieces was made to highlight the attention the designer pays both to the technique and the aesthetics. Being enchanted by the dynamic unravelling of life itself and by the golden relation between micro and macro cosmos, Delettrez very often designs her jewels as perfect juxtapositions between the biological world and technological poiesis, between the body and the object. Recurrent is the idea of movement and evolution, most of the pieces, in fact, are similar to small kinetic machineries with a deliberate structural ambiguity allowing their forms to evolve into others. Exemplar to this extent are the “Tourbillon” bangle with 8 concentric circles structure inspired to the Vitruvian man vector; the “Rapunzel” fluent fringed chains and cuffs; and also the expanding “Detaille Unique” bracelet and choker, belonging to “Metalphysic” collection presented in March 2012 at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. The latest collection “Infinity” aimed to investigate the evolution topic in terms of perception, creating a vertigo effect through multi-mirrored&faceted jewelry pieces.


Luisa Zanibelli, Venetian by birth, she studied art in Turin with Philip Scroppo and in Paris from 1966 to 1969 where she deepened her research on engraving, color and graphics, finishing her studies at the Académie des Beaux Arts and working in the studio of Friedlander and Lacourière. She has participated in important group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. She collaborates with Danon Gallery (Rome - New York), specialized in rare ancient and contemporary rugs.

Delfina Delettrez (Rome, 1987) belongs to Fendi family’s fourth generation. From her great grandmother Adele, then directly through her grandmother Anna and her mother Silvia, Delfina inherits her passion for the detail. After the academic studies, and the stages at Chanel haute couture’s style department, Delfina chose to follow up an individual path: she deepens jewel design studies and decides to dedicates herself to the art of jewellery. On 2007 Delfina Delettrez creates her first collection. On January 2009 two items of her jewellery, the “Kiss a Frog” ring and “Original Sin” bracelet, have been purchased by the Musée des Arts Decoratifs - Louvre in Paris to be part of the Jewellery section permanent collection. On June 2012 Antonella Villanova contemporary art + jewelry in Florence presented “Delphinarium” the first monography exhibition on Delfina Delettrez curated by Emanuela Nobile Mino. On December 2012 Antonella Villanova gallery will present Delfina Delettrez’s unique pieces solo show at Design Miami/.