Arte iraniana a Firenze

Firenze - 21/01/2012 : 14/02/2012

Dieci artisti, ambasciatori di un mondo ricco di storia com’è quello iraniano, si presentano alla galleria Mentana di Firenze per una collettiva che risulta essere molto interessante.


  • Indirizzo: Piazza Mentana 2/3/4R - Firenze - Toscana
  • Quando: dal 21/01/2012 - al 14/02/2012
  • Vernissage: 21/01/2012 ore 18
  • Generi: arte contemporanea, collettiva
  • Orari: 11.00/13.00 - 16.30/19.30 Domenica e Lunedi Mattina Chiuso

Comunicato stampa

Ten Artists ambassadors of a world full of history as that Iranian, show themselves in the Mentana Gallery of Florence for a collective exhibition which is really interesting for the ideas and creativity. The show is a coherent and an effective instrument for a dialogue between ours and theirs civilization and also a way to know the artistic ferment that animate Iran

The way of making art, by the artists in the Mentana Gallery, show a poetic of colours and signs, which is developed in the critic assimilation of the tracks of their country's great culture that succeeded in conjugating with the perceptions of the requests of our time in artworks of a great artistic, human meaning and also of introspective research. The paintings tell us the
tension of a constant search that is completely reflected in the artworks, which show the study of really efficacious solutions in the communication of thoughts.
The desire of a right place in the contemporaryart has brought the painters to develope different but effective stylistic ways for their full placing in the ferment of our days.
The reading of networks brings us back to an ancestral figures, which interface themselves in a suggestive way with the new and the nature, maintaining the spirituality translated in colours and signs. The intimistic researches open themselves to the solicitations of the realism, also maintaining the descriptive lyricism of emotional appearances which bring back to the dreams and the aspirations of live: to the ego.
The colours and the brushstrokes are become messages which succeed in giving to us very great atmosphere and sensations.
From old rose-windows takes shape the fine melancholy that in the chromatic context melts in notes of harmony.
The past is evoked in the glance that watches the symbolic old knights who go on with their cavalry charge in order to capture the dreams.
Toagrey curtain gathered escapes an interior analysis which wears light and simplicity.
Ascenic movement signed by red and a realistic chromatism, in the signed by red and a realistic chromatism, in the side-scenes surrounds itself with an old fairy-tale of shadows.
Masses of colours that amalgamate themselves in the millenary evanescence of a fluxus, which carries the dream, are displaced by a breath of wind.
The scenic lyricism of the levels, which have a relation space-time, is in a chromatic game: light and shadows of a levitation.
In a double vision there is the ego superposed to an harmonic melting of colours, that are able to perceive to us the time.
In the temporal space of the principal shape there is a geometric game of light which is silhouetted excited from the background that leaves to emerge light blue flowers.
The tangle of feelings emits the lights and the shadows of man's intimity expressed in a connexion of tones.
The meditation becomes the companion whose, while is mirrored, finds the way to advance in the fantasy that will bring it in the gardens of the image.
Written by Federica Murgia.