Alexandre da Cunha – Arena

Napoli - 17/12/2020 : 27/03/2021

Mostra personale.


  • Indirizzo: Via Francesco Crispi, 69 - Napoli - Campania
  • Quando: dal 17/12/2020 - al 27/03/2021
  • Vernissage: 17/12/2020 Appuntamento con l’Arte Contemporanea | Napoli_Campania Giovedì 17, venerdì 18, sabato 19 dicembre 2020 dalle ore 11.00 alle ore 19.00
  • Autori: Alexandre da Cunha
  • Generi: arte contemporanea, personale
  • Orari: su appuntamento

Comunicato stampa

Alexandre da Cunha
Curated in dialogue with Jenni Lomax

Opening day: 26 September, 11am-6pm (visitor numbers in the gallery will be limited to 15 at a time)
Exhibition dates: 29 September - 12 December 2020

'Always observant of the materiality of objects and how they sit in the world, da Cunha carefully gathers and realigns them to form unexpected allegiances that, as with Marble, challenge perceptions of value and authority

When transported to an unfamiliar place, domestic, workaday objects and materials become themselves unfamiliar—maybe alien, maybe exotic—they also acquire an aesthetic beauty and new status.'
– Jenni Lomax