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Landsberger Allee 54 10249 , Berlino, Germany
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ore 18-00

Claudio Di Carlo, Marc Aldinger, Edoardo Bernardi, Alexandra Edmonds, Salome De Cambra, Nathalie Guerra, Enzo Forgione, Andrew Litten, Marilù S. Manzini, Ivano Parolini, Evi Photopoulos, Maurizio Orrico
Xavier Ramirex
fotografia, arte contemporanea, performance - happening, collettiva, new media

In mostra una nuova generazione di artisti internazionali con una selezione di dipinti, sculture, fotografie, performance e video.

Comunicato stampa

Marzia Frozen is pleased to announce an international group exhibition of a new generation of artists working today. This will be a group exhibition at MARZIA FROZEN in Berlin, and will feature a selection of paintings, sculptures, photographs, performances and videos.

Berlin is the motor of European contemporary art in 2011. The power of this city is inspiring a new generation of artists. Whether they work in illegal street art, expansive installations, provocative action art or quickly jotted paintings, Berlin has inspired artists from around the world. Here they find a low cost of living, more than 400 international galleries and five major museums within a square kilometer at the heart of the capital. The city plays host to hundreds of art galleries as well as annual international art fairs, such as Art Forum, and provides multiple openings almost every night. The Berlin artists convene at these openings and at gatherings in bars, where the conditions for networking and discussion are ideal. More than 6,000 professional artists live in Berlin.

Berlin is a city for hedonists and artists. The crossover between the two is often seamless. George Grosz, Otto Dix und Max Beckmann captured this face of the city in earlier times. Since the fall of the Wall, an increasing number of successful artists from around the world have been flocking to Berlin. Stars of the scene such as Thomas Demand, Angela Bulloch or Arturo Herrera came to stay. Renowned artists such as Olafur Eliasson and Daniel Richter live in Berlin. Berlin is also a breeding ground for artistic production. This is where the young art of today might be picked up for large collections tomorrow. Entire gallery scenes continue to emerge and evolve. No sooner has one international exhibition closed, than another has opened. This may explain why Berlin has made a name for itself as a talent factory producing the artists of tomorrow. Stillwell finds the Berlin arts scene to be refreshing because it is "more International, and less hierarchical, than, New York." Artists are egomaniacs – that’s the stereotype, at least -- and it may be rooted in reality. However, even the biggest egos don’t always stand alone. Studio houses and communities have been founded in many areas of the city, as cooperation brings about synergistic effects. Fans of art can benefit from this as well, as there are often open house events that allow them to roam through the studios.

AC/BC Contemporary Berlin is a survey about the new generation of artists in 2011 that have been creating an incredible buzz in the german capital. The Wall has fallen and along with it, barriers to creativity and self-expression. Rebellion comes from a youth culture that does not have great employment prospects (especially in Berlin, which is notoriously poor with respect to all other German cities, and has high unemployment.) Berlin is a dynamic, progressive city, and the local art scene reflects its unique history and colorful present. From painters to performance artists, Berlin is home to some of the most innovative figures on the international stage.Numerous artists from across the globe have taken full advantage of Berlin's transition period throughout the 1990s and 2000s to find gallery and performance spaces in the most unexpected places.