Abdoulaye Konatè

Milano - 19/11/2015 : 11/02/2016

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  • Indirizzo: Viale Stelvio 66 (entrata da via Valtellina angolo viale Stelvio) - Milano - Lombardia
  • Quando: dal 19/11/2015 - al 11/02/2016
  • Vernissage: 19/11/2015 ore 19
  • Autori: Abdoulaye Konatè
  • Generi: arte contemporanea, personale

Comunicato stampa

Primo Marella is proud to present in his gallery venue one of the most influent and importan artis of the african world: Abdoulaye Konatè.
At his second solo show in Milan, symbol of a fruitful and happy collaboration.

"The final message for me is the call to tolerance. Stimulate men in accepting and understanding the others. This is the only possible solution to our society problems"

Abdoulaye Konatè, Untitled, 2015

Born in 1953, Abdoulaye Konatè first studied painting at the National Institute of Arts in Bamako

When he later moved to Cuba (1978-1985) he met the artist Wilfredo Lam, who brightly asked him: “"Why are you coming here to show me what you have done in Cuba, when you have everything you need at home?”.
At the comeback in Mali, Abdoulaye embrace the suggestion: he left painting in favour of textile cotton as expressive medium.

Regarding his artistic investigation, Konatè says:

"[…] In my art coexist two extremly different schools of thought: on one side there is the aesthetic, influenced by nature and cultural traditions of my country, which determines colours and materials used in my artwors. On the other side there is a more spiritual level, borning from the will of investigate and describe human suffering, which could be found in countries’ relationships, politic, environment, society and in the family itself".