A Better World

Venezia - 27/08/2012 : 25/11/2012

Lectures, workshop, piccoli allestimenti di design trasformano lo spazio in un centro per tenerci con i piedi per terra.


Comunicato stampa

A Better World
Collateral Event of the 13. Intl. Exhibition
August 27 3:00 PM-7:00 PM PRESS PREVIEW August 27 4:30 PM GRAND OPENING
a conversation between
Cino Zucchi and Pierluigi Nicolin
about IPA Moleskine book series
Cameron Sinclair/
Founder and Ceo Architecture for Humanity
“Architecture for Humanity provides professional design services to community groups, non-governmental organizations, funding agents, social entrepreneurs and other not-for-profit organizations.”
August 27/7:00 PM
Curated by Michela Intra
“A mobile recording studio built into an Adria Caravan camping trailer

A compilation and video documentary will document their experiences.”
August 27-31 September 3-7/9:00 PM
30 days projection October-November 2012
+Installation on site
Kourva 47/108 hours video installation
Greenhouse Facade
Directors: John Clayman & Amikam Toren
Curated by Paolo Rosso
“The video involves the documentation of a dramatic refurbishment of a Londontownhouse. This victorian terrace house is undergoing a radical conversion. The front elevation remains untouched, the interior of the house and the back elevation (facing the garden) will be transformed. The ground floor and the garden floor (basement) will become a single high celling space, a gallery to house a collection of contemporary art. This part of the house will be extended into the garden and its design will be highly modern, contrasting strongly with the original building.”
Still frame
make the real tomato sauce and biodegradable kitchen tools
August 28-November 25
Guwahati Bamboo walkway
A project by Indrani Baruah, Emilio Fantin, William West and Paolo Rosso/Microclima
in collaboration with Periferry laboratory
“The intervention consists in building a Bamboo footbridge, 1km. long, along the side of Mani-karneswar hill, in the village of Barua souk,
North Guwahati, looks down on the Brahamaputra river. The footbridge is conceived to enhance the landscape of the vast area visible from the cliff. An important aspect of the project is to create a low impact functional structure through the exchange of ideas and building practices with the local population. The walkway will also be projected
to offer a glide on the river. The audience has to perceive a plunge into the landscape. The documentation will be realized by the Memem
film production.”
August 29/Opening 6.30 PM-10:00 PM
Site-specific Installation
Flylight and Fragile Future3
by Studio Drift
Curated by Raffaella Guidobono
in collaboration with CASE DA ABITARE, fiberline, atelieritaliano
“Flylight is an interactive light installation based on the behaviour of birds flying – the happenings you see in the sky that you can look at for hours. In fact, those patterns are caused by the fact that no bird wants to be at the front of the group or to the side, so they are constantly challenging each other for best position. We programmed the DNA of that idea, and replicated it through technology. Flylight brings a lot of energy to a space because it is constantly changing, moving and surprising.”
August 31/11:00 AM-11:00 PM
Farm Cultural Park, Favara/Andrea Bartoli
Studio Drift
Gianni Canova
September 6
September 1
THE PLAN - Live Social Media Contest -
The Primitive Dwell
Curated by 515 creative shop, Turin
“The Plan opens a new web contest where designers and professionals can work at the same project. Only for registered users on THE PLAN fb account. To participate, users are asked to create a new project under the theme: Create a Primitive Dwell, starting from pencil sketches. It can be anything concerning Architecture, Design and Technology. THE PLAN spread the contest over its 3 media: web, iPad, magazine. Project = Group or users. Each project is a closed working group. Each post can be voted and shared by any registered users. The most voted wins his slot to the final event. The jury choose the participants for the final. Four groups at time are asked to produce a 30 minutes project streamed live on a big screen. The whole event is sourrounded by a live music performance and closes with a Party.”