Switching to Analogue

Venezia - 29/08/2012 : 29/08/2012

Conferenza dal titolo: "Switching to Analogue: what is the influence of Analogue Architecture on theory and practice today?".


Comunicato stampa

Round-table discussion with: Christoph
Gantenbein, Penny Lewis, Quintus Miller,
Stanislaus von Moos, Steven Spier.
Chaired by Rob Wilson

What has the legacy of analogue
architecture been for architectural
culture both in Switzerland and internationally?
This discussion considers key
concepts coming out of analogue architecture
and its teaching – in attitude to
site and the city, to ideas of ‘old-new’ and
‘atmosphere’ in architecture – and its
connection to the work of Aldo Rossi and
Robert Venturi, seeking to reassess
its influence and relevance to theory and
practice today.