It’s up to you!

Roma - 05/03/2014 : 12/03/2014



  • Indirizzo: Via Ricciotti 4 00195 - Roma - Lazio
  • Quando: dal 05/03/2014 - al 12/03/2014
  • Vernissage: 05/03/2014 ore 18
  • Generi: serata – evento

Comunicato stampa

You’re welcome!

Only for one week, starting from March 5, 6 pm, our place becomes your place, a guest house, where friends, artists, graphic designers, students, curators, collectors – anyone – are invited to invade our space, by leaving whatever they want, wherever they want.

Artworks, drawings, objects, pieces of paper, poems, collages, pictures, writings

Not only cura.basement rooms will be available but the entire space: the office, the bookshop, the bathroom, the stairs will all become a white canvas where you can create an overlapping of the traces of creativity and of having fun!

We provide beer and dj-set, you bring everything you need, hammer, nails, colors, cutters, scissors, scotch, pencils and if you have fun friends, come with them too!