Firenze - 10/06/2014 : 26/06/2014

Mostra di Fotografia e Scultura.


  • Indirizzo: Via Sant'antonino 11 - Firenze - Toscana
  • Quando: dal 10/06/2014 - al 26/06/2014
  • Vernissage: 10/06/2014 ore 18
  • Generi: fotografia, doppia personale
  • Orari: dal Lunedì al Venerdì ore 9-19, sabato e domenica ore 13-19.
  • Biglietti: ingresso libero

Comunicato stampa


Photographs and sculptures by SACI alumna Manuela Zervudachi (Spring 1982) and Philippe de Potestad. Mostra di fotografia e scultura di Manuela Zervudachi and Philippe de Potestad.

June 10-26, 2014 / 10-26 giugno 2014

Opening reception: Tuesday, June 10 at 6pm
Inaugurazione: martedì 10 giugno ore 18

Two bodies of work co-existing in the same space by Manuela Zervudachi + Philippe de Potestad, seek to "in-fuse" their resonating aspects to create natural themes that punctuate the exhibition

To achieve a harmonious coherence, a selection of pieces have been chosen to enhance the interrelation of their work, while maintaining the integrity of each entity.

Two independent personal explorations -- of sculpture and photography -- infuse and are determined to diffuse a joint set of themes: nocturnal light, fleeting permanence, space and limits, back to back.