Highlights from the Collection

Milano - 03/06/2020 : 03/07/2020

Mostra collettiva


  • Indirizzo: Via Morigi 8 - Milano - Lombardia
  • Quando: dal 03/06/2020 - al 03/07/2020
  • Vernissage: 03/06/2020 no
  • Generi: arte contemporanea, collettiva
  • Orari: su appuntamento

Comunicato stampa

Cortesi Gallery Milano is reopening its doors in a new location in Via Morigi 8.
The Gallery will occupy the ground floor of the historical building Palazzo Morigi dating back to the 13th century.
To launch the new exhibition space, we will present a selection of works by some of the most famous artists represented by the Gallery since the very beginning of our activity

The show will feature artworks by the most representative artists of the Italian Arte Informale, such as Giuseppe Santomaso and Afro; followed by prominent figures belonging to the "pittura oggetto" artistic theory like Agostino Bonalumi, Enrico Castellani together with the master Lucio Fontana and the internationally acclaimed master-sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro.

To complete the selection of Italian artists, we will display a masterpiece by Mario Nigro, Strutturazione Simultanea-cinetica con Variazione (1956-1959). Also, due to the Gallery international artistic research, we will exhibit artworks by Walter Leblanc, Heinz Mack and Jorge Eielson. These artists' practice is characterized by an ongoing exploration of the concept of space light and movement, focusing on the interaction of the viewer with the oeuvre and the consequential movement and dynamism of the subject.

Looking to the contemporary, keeping a secure connection with the historical approach, we will display an iconic piece Filo Rosso by one of the artists we have always been working with, and for this reason has a specific emotional value: Grazia Varisco. For Grazia, the function of art responds to its process of cognitive activation. It has a meaning independent of all restrictions except those established to elicit the synesthetic complicity of the viewer, an exchange of impulses that imply new probings of space and expectations of the unknown.
Currently on schedule, Palazzo Reale Milano will host an anthological exhibition, Grazia Varisco. IL CASO. Tra le pieghe della mente dedicated to the artist. The show will retrace 60 years of research and project on aspects of multi-sensorial perception translated into active aesthetic experiences.

The Gallery and the show will be open from the 3rd of June by appointment.